A Closer Look at Professional Finish Carpentry Services

There are many ways that you can make your house feel more like home. Whether it is something like a complete kitchen remodel or something a little more simple and cost-effective like interior painting, there are plenty of projects and upgrades you can do to make the time spent in your space more enjoyable. Of all the potential projects you can do, however, one that is often overlooked is finish carpentry.

At S&C Construction, we are a leading Bay Area carpentry provider that specializes in finish carpentry services. Finish carpentry is often the final step in our remodeling processes, but not something that all remodeling companies offer. Below, we highlight what finish carpentry services entail as well as the benefits that they offer.

What Are Finish Carpentry Services?

Carpentry, as a whole, is the assembly and repairing of wooden structures. Finish carpentry, however, is more about the finishing touches of a carpentry project and involves the installation of finish woods and trim. Simply put, carpentry work is practical while finish carpentry is more concerned with aesthetics rather than function.

The work typically involves installing detailed features such as crown molding, wall paneling, and baseboards to complete the look of a room. A room often looks simpler and more rigid without these services, and while some homeowners like this minimalist approach, many appreciate the aesthetic appeal that finish carpentry offers, especially for their windows, shelves, and fireplaces.

Why Hire Professionals for Finish Carpentry

Similar to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, finish carpentry is a job best left to the professionals. Installing crown moulding, paneling, and other details is hard work, especially if you don’t have the necessary knowledge or tools. Here are a few reasons why you should leave finished carpentry to carpentry experts.


Professional finish carpentry contractors have years of experience under their belts working on various projects, ranging from baseboards and moulding to high quality custom cabinetry. No matter the size of your room or the extent of the work required, a professional will be able to apply their previous experience to ensure all the finish touches are to your complete satisfaction. Additionally, experienced carpenter contractors can openly work with their clients and help them make the best decisions for their project.

Saves Time

Of course, when you take on any type of remodeling or carpentry project yourself you can expect it to be time consuming. Hiring a professional finish carpentry contractor can save you tons of time that would likely otherwise be spent doing a sub-par job with sub-par results, at best. Opting for professional finish carpentry services ensures that the work will be completed promptly without sacrificing quality. You don’t have to worry about a room being a construction zone for weeks or months on end.

Increases Property Value

Professional finish carpentry services improve the overall aesthetics of a space. Having an experienced carpentry contractor install decorative millwork such as crown molding, corbels, wainscot paneling, or chair rails can quickly transform the look and feel of even the simplest of spaces, which can boost the overall value of your home. Professional finish carpentry services are an incredibly convenient and cost-effective way to increase your property value.

Whether you are doing a complete renovation or just want to add to the appeal of a room, professional finish carpentry services are a must. If you aren’t sure if these services are right for your interior spaces you should consider contacting a carpentry contractor to set up a design consultation.

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