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About Us

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Rooted in more than a century of combined experience, the S&C Construction team serves home and business owners across the greater San Francisco area. Our bathroom and kitchen remodels are second to none, and our customer service is simply exceptional. We go the distance to create extraordinary experiences while delivering world-class workmanship, and we’d love a chance to serve you.

In all our years of experience in the industry, we’ve noticed a pattern that we like to call “The Construction Triangle.” One corner of the triangle is Cost, one is Quality, and the other is Time. Most remodeling contractors manage to master two of the corners. For instance, a contractor will save you time and money, but compromise quality. Another contractor will charge you an arm and a leg and take forever, but deliver quality. The best remodeling contractors are those who hit all three corners, delivering time-saving excellence for a fair price. It takes dedication to find the middle ground, but S&C Construction has done the hard work, becoming one of the best remodeling companies in San Francisco and The Bay Area.

Choose S&C Construction, and you can depend on reasonable prices, incredible workmanship, and timely completion. We communicate with you the whole way through, maintaining transparency as we add lasting value to your property. We’d be honored to show you the S&C Difference, so contact us today.

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